Gay Wedding Videos, Or Teaser Trailers For Marriage Equality?

I love gay wedding videos.

I cry at happy movies, not sad ones. The sappier, the better. For example, I feel like the Internet has come to a conflict over Love Actually, lately, but to me the perfect movie scene is the one where Colin Firth goes to Lisbon to find Aurelia, after having learned Portuguese so that he can propose to her. She responds in English, having learned it “just in cases.” And she says yes. Please watch:

And then I sob like I sobbed at the end of the musical The Color Purple, the first night my fiancé ever pretended he didn’t know me.

That’s what all these wedding videos are like, and I’m a sucker for them. I think gay wedding videos are often a bit more compelling than straight ones because, like that scene in Love Actually, there’s a bit of a cinematic challenge that was overcome in order to get the couple to the altar. In many cases the men or women weren’t allowed to marry when they first met. Or, there may have been a struggle just to accept the fact that they were gay at all, or to get families or communities on board. The video at the top of this post does a good job of expressing that feeling. (You’ll notice they front-end the drama by reversing the actual order of the vows. Someone give that editor a raise.) It’s the classic romantic comedy structure: the lonely protagonists, the meet cute, the absurd conflict, the joyous third-act resolution.

Plus, since we’re planning a wedding, I love getting little hints at the choices people made. Did the two brides walk in on their fathers’ arms? Or together? Did the two men have engagement rings? In which case, what did they exchange during their vows? So many choices! Are the men wearing the same suit? And did I just see a makeup artist airbrushing foundation onto that one groom? That’s a choice.

We’re probably not going to make one of these for ourselves. But please, everyone else continue making wedding videos! I will never stop watching them. Every time people see a gay love story in this familiar format, I think it helps solidify the idea that they are the same as every other kind of love story.

Plus, if there are going to be gay people out there riding Jewish unicorns (Jewnicorns, for short) into their ceremony, I think we all deserve to know about it.


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