Month: March 2014

Some Thoughts About the Looking Episode with the Wedding


I’d stopped doing these because this show sort of stepped out of the zone of things I was familiar with. But then suddenly there was a WASPy family and a wedding and I was back in the game! So here are a few things I found realistic and unrealistic about this episode of Looking. (I will say the show is picking up momentum as it nears the end of the season…)

1) I don’t know that if my friend was a conceptual artist, I would be so negative about his work as Patrick and Dom are—even if it was photographs of my friend’s boyfriend getting fucked by a prostitute. (I am open minded. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see that, a little?) All the same, it seemed a little far-fetched that Augustin would turn the criticism around on Patrick and say, “You are just freaked out about your own stuff.” Taking your Latin boyfriend to meet your preppy white family isn’t quite… on the same level.



I Always Like to Take a Camera to Weddings

I Always Like to Take a Camera to Weddings

Even though the people getting married almost always have a photographer hired, you can sometimes capture something special, which makes a great gift after the fact. I also generally shoot in black and white if the photos are at night, because otherwise I make everyone look shiny and yellow. I asked Justin Bishop, the staff photographer at Vanity Fair and about this, and he told me it’s because I don’t have enough light. Washing people out, it turns out, makes them look better. Anyway, here’s two of my best friends, Charlie and Kent, at their wedding at Frankie’s in Cobble Hill almost exactly a year ago.

How to Really Test an Event Coordinator


Visiting wedding venues can be a nerve-wracking experience. My fiancé and I visited five over the course of one weekend up in Maine, and it felt like there was a lot of pressure to pick the exactly right place—the spot that screams “you” as a couple, but screams it in an elegant, Derek Jacobi-type voice.

So it wasn’t great that my fiancé was feeling unwell when we started our Saturday morning off at the first venue. You want to be on your A-Game on these visits: asking the right questions, looking for the important flaws, and imagining where your stoner friends are going to scurry off to when they inevitably duck out to get high.

It was even less great, when, moments after we arrived at the second venue of the day, he projectile vomited in front of the events manager.