Some Thoughts About the Looking Episode with the Wedding


I’d stopped doing these because this show sort of stepped out of the zone of things I was familiar with. But then suddenly there was a WASPy family and a wedding and I was back in the game! So here are a few things I found realistic and unrealistic about this episode of Looking. (I will say the show is picking up momentum as it nears the end of the season…)

1) I don’t know that if my friend was a conceptual artist, I would be so negative about his work as Patrick and Dom are—even if it was photographs of my friend’s boyfriend getting fucked by a prostitute. (I am open minded. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see that, a little?) All the same, it seemed a little far-fetched that Augustin would turn the criticism around on Patrick and say, “You are just freaked out about your own stuff.” Taking your Latin boyfriend to meet your preppy white family isn’t quite… on the same level.

2) Over the phone later, Patrick’s mother says, “We’re really excited to meet your… friend.” This is actually the opposite of inaccurate. Parents, no matter how tolerant, always end up saying that word. “Friend.”

3) Is it me, or at this point is Richie is basically Eeyore?. He spills coffee all over his shirt during a sloppy bus ride, the hotel won’t give him the phone… Can’t he ever win? What’s next, he steps on a rake and it bonks him between the eyes?

4) He looks really dashing in that suit, at least.

5) Patrick’s mom is worried about the grass in front of the church for the pictures, which seems accurate. But the fact that she would know that the groundskeeper had health problems? Let’s be honest.

6) It’s a little heavy-handed, and the foreshadowing is a little obvious, but I guess it’s real enough that Patrick’s mom lights up at the prospect that Kevin is Patrick’s new boyfriend.

7) British people do pride themselves on being able to tie bowties.

8) On an unrelated note: You know what’s really unrealistic? That Dom and Patrick are friends with Augustin. That ANYONE is friends with Augustin. Is there anything likeable or redeemable about him? Was there even before he paid a hooker to fuck his boyfriend?

9) Patrick’s sister insists upon Kevin’s boyfriend proposing to him, because she wants to go to a gay wedding. I feel like this is terrain that is familiar to a lot of gay people, and it’s the kind of thing a lot of us were hoping would be on the show. The funny/sad, blithely insensitive, recognizable stuff that is more of a universal experience than the insular, safe-for-gays world of San Francisco. That’s the meat that helps make Girls such a phenomenon, the awfulness that we experience at the hands of our friends and loved ones. Later, the same wound is jabbed when Patrick’s dad says to him at the end of the reception, “You’re not gonna want one of these, are ya?”

10) Once again, Patrick’s mom stumbles into broad caricature when she says that Kevin and his boyfriend, “seem lovely, they seem just like you!”

11) Even if she’s a broad caricature, it was pretty unfair (and therefore perhaps accurate) for Patrick to say to her: “Every guy I’ve ever been on a date with I judge based on what you’re going to think of him, and it’s really fucking me up.” That’s his stuff, not hers.

12) I want to believe that his mom eats pot Rice Krispies. I just don’t.

13) Kevin kisses Patrick… I’ve seen the season finale so I’m going to withhold comment on this for now. TEASER.

14) You know what’s really hilarious? Patrick’s dad claims to have pulled off that wedding for only $40 grand.



  1. “youre not gonna want one of these, will you?” reminded me of someone we know. i adore this show and am in love with richie

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