Month: July 2014

I Always Take a Camera To Weddings (Part 2)

Gay wedding hora.

My friends Anthony and Seth, sailing above the people who love them. 

Sometimes, having a camera also gets you out of hora chair duty.


Is It OK For Gay Guys To Ask Female Friends To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses?

J.Crew Silk Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Three of the silk chiffon options from J.Crew’s bridesmaid dress collection.

Here’s a question: If you are having women stand up with you at your gay wedding (between two men), is it alright to ask them to buy a bridesmaid’s dress? Considering there’s no… bride?

At first my fiancé and I were planning on just having our brother and sisters stand up with us at our ceremony. We thought it was plain and simple and unfussy, which is what we (at one point) wanted for our whole celebration.

Alas — when you’re planning a wedding, you learn very quickly how easily “plain and simple” goes out the window in favor of “complicated and nautical stripes.”

Anyway, as we tried to figure out how to include the people we care about the most in our big day, it became clear that asking our very best friends to hand out programs, or man the guest book, wasn’t appropriate. (Is Guest Book Duty even a thing? Someone please fact-check Sex and the City, please.) Not only did it feel weird, it wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted them up there, standing alongside our siblings, sharing the event with us. After all, as a needlepointed pillow once told me: “Friends are the family you choose for yourself.”