Eight Pieces of (Contradictory) Advice You’ll Hear When You Are Planning Your Honeymoon

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When you start planning a wedding, you’ll quickly discover that people feel very comfortable letting you know exactly how they feel about your decisions. Particularly with regard to two things:

1)   The size of your wedding.

2)   Your honeymoon plans.

The first is the most annoying and least helpful. Perfectly polite friends who would never, ever be so rude as to reveal a reaction when you tell them what neighborhood you live in, or where you went to college, somehow feel perfectly comfortable going wide-eyed and gasping when you tell them that you plan to have 200 people to your wedding. You’d think you told them that you deliberately got pregnant with twins so you could abort one and keep “the skinnier one.” Their facial expressions make you feel like you’ve chosen a path of such extreme decadence that it borders on the improper.



Here Is What Happens When You Agree to Participate in a Flash Mob at Your Friend’s Wedding


I am on the far right here, ruining the synchronicity with my limp wrists.

So you’ve agreed to be in a flash mob at your friend’s wedding. What happens now?

Well, lots of things. It could go in a bunch of different directions. But as a veteran of multiple (2) wedding flash mobs, I can tell you one thing: It is not going to go the way you think it is.


Some Thoughts About the Looking Episode with the Wedding


I’d stopped doing these because this show sort of stepped out of the zone of things I was familiar with. But then suddenly there was a WASPy family and a wedding and I was back in the game! So here are a few things I found realistic and unrealistic about this episode of Looking. (I will say the show is picking up momentum as it nears the end of the season…)

1) I don’t know that if my friend was a conceptual artist, I would be so negative about his work as Patrick and Dom are—even if it was photographs of my friend’s boyfriend getting fucked by a prostitute. (I am open minded. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see that, a little?) All the same, it seemed a little far-fetched that Augustin would turn the criticism around on Patrick and say, “You are just freaked out about your own stuff.” Taking your Latin boyfriend to meet your preppy white family isn’t quite… on the same level.