I Always Like to Take a Camera to Weddings

I Always Like to Take a Camera to Weddings

Even though the people getting married almost always have a photographer hired, you can sometimes capture something special, which makes a great gift after the fact. I also generally shoot in black and white if the photos are at night, because otherwise I make everyone look shiny and yellow. I asked Justin Bishop, the staff photographer at Vanity Fair and about this, and he told me it’s because I don’t have enough light. Washing people out, it turns out, makes them look better. Anyway, here’s two of my best friends, Charlie and Kent, at their wedding at Frankie’s in Cobble Hill almost exactly a year ago.


Navy and White Stripes

Navy and White Stripes

We met with our wedding planner today and she introduced a theme of navy and white that will hopefully carry throughout the wedding. I like it because it seems simple and masculine. (There will be other elements, like leather and metal !!! apparently). My fiance is a little concerned that it’ll seem dull, or there won’t be enough pops of color, and I think he might be right. . . . This is how you find yourself in bed late at night with your laptop, Googling “White Wedding Cake With Navy Stripes AND COLOR.” Straight guys do this too, right?